it’s like Levi said; she’s just going to do what she wants anyway

he has resigned himself to his fate

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but what if when levi is sick with the flu and has to stay away from his kids and he's really pissy b/c he feels like shit and can't see madeline and luc to boot. but then the kids end up planting themselves right outside his door and like, singing and talking to him and levi's just really emotional okay. idk i'm trash i just really like your kids!


oh my god i love you (and i love that you like madeline and luc too omg!)

madeline definitely winds up crying at one point bc all she wants to do is see her daddy and it breaks levi’s heart. but hanji made him promise not to go near the kids while he’s contagious, so he winds up reading them a story through the door to his room or something

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Levi’s actually a very romantic person when he’s with Hanji, he just gets embarrassed because she likes to tell people.

~Mod Levi

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thank god you said shitty because my grasp of fashion is fucking appalling

they named that dog “little shit”

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Why did this have to be so difficult? It was one simple five minute test, and yet Hange felt unusually scared for the results. Scientific tests, especially those having to do with titans, made her excited but something like this was the exact opposite reaction. She would normally think of the pros and cons of her experiments so that’s exactly what she did.

Pros: She would be a mother. Levi would get closer to her possibly.
Cons: That would probably never happen. She couldn’t bring a child into a world surrounded by danger.

Is there seriously no way to make this choice work? Before she had time to think of any more dependent and independent variables of the situation the little stick started to show a result.


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まだ終わってないリヴァハン漫画。。。Still unfinished LeviHan manga…

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