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Here is ye olde AO3 link: right here.

Prompt/Summary: “Levi makes a habit of cleaning Hange’s room…”
Pairing: Levi x Hange
For: kehp, who gave me this prompt quite some time ago.
Characters: Levi, Hange, Erwin

Feedback would be awesome as always, you guys are the best! ♥

I’m actually really pleased with how this one turned out!

Tiny trivia: this idea ended up warping into a much longer piece that’s probably going to be a relationship study sort of fanfic (how their friendship and romance began, blah blah), but boy lemme tell ya what. My rewrite of the idea came out better than I thought it would! HAHAHA I’m so pleased with myself I’m a gross human being whatever.

I hope y’all like it! Last ‘fic until I can get some more written. ;)

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have some messy abnormals (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Here are some very silly levihans for callmehabie.

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from リヴァハン詰め ③ by あたりめ (twitter)

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The translation (that made me loopy because I can’t stop smiling and my cheeks hurt okay) of the Levi-Moblit side story inspired me to do this.

title: hypothesis

fandom: shingeki no kyojin

summary: the first time Moblit talked to Levi. implied Levihan.

pairing/character: implied Levi/Hange, Moblit

There he was, the man that he saw in several newsletters distributed around the city. They called him Humanity’s Strongest and he alone worth the strength as much as a battalion.

Well, he was better looking in person than in the drawings that he saw in some of the newsletters he read, at least the drawings captured his grumpiness perfectly. He did look surprisingly shorter than what they had described him.

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Author: Ohrin / 王林 (Pixiv).
Source: link.
Translation: YoshidaEri.

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